Legacy Material from Previous Editions of the KL Website -- Introduction

This page provides links to all the old material that has not been incorporated into the current KnightLites.org website. No attempt has been made to link these pages to other pages in the current website. Navigation buttons have been removed. While an attempt was made to make the pages functional by including the appropriate images, there may be images missing, email addresses are no longer valid, or links that have been disabled. Nevertheless, it was deemed important to save the material here and make it public for the reconstruction of history of the KnightLites by those that are interested.

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RoundTable (example net reports)

Early History, recalled by Bob Kellog

Cape Lookout 1994 (photos are missing)

Field Day 1996

ARCI QSO Party 1997 (plus a couple of extra pictures)

Portsmouth Island 1997

Field Day 1998

Jones Lake Gathering 1998

Core Banks 1998

KL/Grand Strand Social at AB4LG's Pond House 1998

Core Banks 1999

mw Contest sponsored by Knightlites 2000

Regen Workshop at Clayton Middle School 2001

Field Day 2001

Bear Island 2001

Dayton Hamvention (FDIM?) 2001

Field Day 2004

Shackleford Banks 2004



40-9er assembled by Todd, AG4AY (date?)

KL 80m Transmitter by John, WB4OFT (1997)

VNA Build Day at N3GO's

Notch Filter by Randy, WJ4P (SK)

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