N3GO Hosts the VNA Build Day!

From Left to Right... Sirs Todd (AG4AY), and Bob (AE4IC) hard at work with Sir Joe (WA4GIR) supervising. The Metcals are smokin' !

From Left to Right Sirs Jayesh (KG4UMQ), and Chris placing the R's and C's...Sir Chris (KD4PBJ)is using his star chart to determine which constellation C216 resides.

Sir Chris (KD4PBJ) and his Lady Katherine planning Sir Alex's (still in the oven) bright future as a prodigy KnightLite. Notice how well they seem to agree? :-)

Sirs Todd (AG4AY), Bob (AE4IC), and Jayesh (KG4UMQ) in hot pursuit of populating their VNA circuit boards.

Sirs John (KU4AF), Jayesh (KG4UMQ), and Chris (KD4PBJ) hard at work, with Sir Gary's (N3GO) Lady Marie and Sir Joe (WA4GIR) looking on.

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