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Here are some other fun pictures by or about KnightLites (or rigs or scenery), taken during  the ARCI Fall QSO Party in 1997 and pictures from other events..



ARCI Fall QSO Party, 1997, Falls Lake, NC

Derek, WF4I:

dsb2.jpg (30293 bytes)

Dave, WA4NID:

dave1.jpg (33105 bytes)

Paul, AA4XX:

paul2.jpg (28425 bytes)

John Paul, AB4PP, checks out the log during his night operation:

jp5.jpg (34677 bytes)

Paul's, AA4XX, Sierra used during the ARCI Fall QSO Party (< 250mW output !!!)

sierra.jpg (44403 bytes)

John Paul's, AB4PP (ex WA4IHO), Mercury Paddle used during the QSO Party:

mercury.jpg (46472 bytes)

Paul's, AA4XX, Schurr Wabbler paddle used during the QSO Party

wabbler.jpg (38998 bytes)



Pix from other activities

Gary, N3GO:

n3go.jpg (31276 bytes)

And a great little SWR bridge circuit suitable for QRP rigs:

bridge.jpg (53890 bytes)