Knightliters adventure to Bear Island MAy 2001. 

Hi Gang,

Last weekend's QRP kayak camping trip to Bear Island, NC was a lot of

A highlight of the trip was running 2-3W SSB with the Small Wonder Labs
White Mountain 20 into the beach mounted vertical phased array.  We
ended up working England, Lebanon, Canada, US, Denmark, Brasil, Russia,
Belarus, Kuwait, Ukraine, Greece, and Bulgaria on 20M SSB during the
weekend.  Speaking of Kuwait, all three of us worked 9K2ZZ despite the
rather large pileup he generated.  We also worked OD5NH in Lebanon two
nights in a row amidst his pileups.  That little WM-20 is quite a
rig--lightweight and quite small.  We ran the whole weekend on one 12V
7AH battery.

Our campsite was on the edge of a pretty inlet on the east end of the
island.  Thanks to fellow adventurers John-WB4OFT and Chris-KD4PBJ for a
super time.  We'll be sending some pictures along with a story to
Adventure Radio Society soon.

72, Paul  AA4XX

(click on the pics for full size)

aa4xx.jpg (252467 bytes)Another sunrise.jpg (250783 bytes)Campsite from top of dunes.jpg (301214 bytes)

AA4XX                            Sunrise                        Campsite view

campsite.jpg (307074 bytes)Room with a view.jpg (241381 bytes)Sunrise from Bear Island.jpg (251841 bytes)

             Campsite                    Room with a View        Sunrise