KnightLites "Jones Lake Gathering '98" 

Here is a word-and-picture report of the wonderful gathering of QRPers at Jones Lake on November 14, 1998. Hams from the Grand Strand QRP Society and the KnightLites shared a day of fellowship and radio fun!

Thanks to W3RDF for this great summary:

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...... especially if you attended the first ever, CAROLINA'S QRP-FEST, at Jones Lake State Park in Elizabethtown, NC on the 14th of November. Ah, so much fun and so little time...Everyone left with a grin on their face . In fact, we ran out of time and had to cut some things short or leave them completely off the program.
Talks included such things as a demo of the "ammo box" rig, a self contained station including the single band whip by Don Shipman,W3RDF; a super explanation of solar panels and things to consider when selecting and using them by Lyn Williams, W4WDN; and Bob Kellogg, AE4IC talked about the status of the Elecraft K2 project, heightening the excitement and interest of many.
Bob shared his vast SMT experience giving a nice selection of parts to those who wanted them, and talking about a few interesting surface mount projects to consider.
Paul Stroud, AA4XX, led the antenna discussions captivating everyone's attention. Paul placed twin inverted Vees in nearby trees and with his scope, demonstrated the effects phase feeding with various phase shifts. His demo enabled a clearer understanding of what it takes to build phasing networks and it proved the effectiveness of phased antenna systems. He further showed how to measure, evaluate and select proper cores, for making matching transformers, by using RF analyzers and noise bridges. All-in-all a most fascinating demonstration.

Our only regret was that we had so little time to enjoy the seven stations set up around the main pavilion. Although, the rigs got some exercise during the two hour lunch period. Several contacts were made.

Show and tell provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their projects and tell of their experiences. The youngest member of the group, Tommy Morgan, KF4HK, showed his construction talents while explaining ideas used in customizing the family Emtech 30 meter rig. Lyn Williams, W4WDN gave a comprehensive talk on storage batteries, covering their charge and discharge characteristics. We'll reap the benefit from his talk as we consider our battery needs. Ron Evans, K4KTB, of Hamburg Germany showed a slick little SMT power amp picked up at the big German hamfest. The amp, designed to boost the output of the Wilderness Sierra, could also be used with the 40-A.
Bill Weatherill, N2WG, showed his neatly packaged SST 20 meter rig with companion Paddlette, impressing everyone with its neatnes and tiny size. Paul Stroud, AA4XX told of his recent kite purchase (a box/delta design) and of his experience in lifting light weight wire high above the beach. Don Shipman, W3RDF, shared some construction tips, focusing on a two band version of the (Gary Breed,K9AY) rig. He also demonstrated a home made "any-man" key and a solar prism capable of delivering enough to power a Micro-30 receiver. Bob Kellogg, AE4IC shared several SMT construction ideas while describing some useful circuits. David Lauten, KF4HAW, ground sensing differential audio amplifiers and other good items often found on sale at Radio Shacks. AA4XX and AE4IC offered plenty of 9V batteries, leaded and SMT parts packages to anyone who could use them.

Anita Williams, KF4WVI, did a superb job in the food department. Nobody went away hungry.

Many in attendance had built LDG qrp autotuners, so information about their usefulness was well expressed. One can never have too many rigs or too many tuners. Lucky Bill, N2WG, walked away with another one. Thanks to LDG for this major prize, Also, thanks to Doug Hendricks for the NorCal 20 and the Compendium, David, KF4HAW, need not ask Santa for anything this year.
David also won the NorCal Proceedings in the show and tell drawing. KE4QOK, Bob Roach won a SMiTe kit (donated by the Knite Lites) in the drawing of the preregistered group and K4KTB, Ron Evans, won the Data Book given by Bill Kelsey of Kanga U.S.

The Carolina's QRP-fest closed after a slide presentation by Lyn, W4WDN showing the joy the Knights had on Core Banks Island Last March. .

Finally, We fired a QRPp beacon on or around 28.017 MHz inviting e-mail QSLs.
The beacon was situated at the center of a dipole between pines about 40' above the ground.No stations reported hearing the beacon on Saturday so we ran it again Sunday from North Myrtle Beach, SC using an end fed 150' wire. Of the ten stations reporting, KL7JAF, Bruce Hopkins in Fairbanks, Alaska was clearly the winner. Bruce will receive the prize, a Rainbow Tuner kit donated by N4BP. Congratulations to Bruce who's now known in these parts as "Ear of the Year", 600 mW from NMB, SC to Fairbanks generates a pretty good miles/watts, Wouldn't you agree.

72s de "The Carolina's QRP-Fest Gang"




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