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We like to get together to operate our flea-powered radios at unique sites. Here are some pictures of an expedition to Cape Lookout, North Carolina, which took place in November, 1994. The operators included Joe KD4LLV, Dave N2MLU, Rob WA3ULH, Howard KE4RUZ, and Paul AA4XX. The gang operated 20M (QRP +) and 40M (OHR QRP Classic), with "Walking Stick" verticals for both bands. Cape Lookout is accessable by ferry from Harker's Island. We camped in a grove of pine trees, about 1/4 mile from the beach.


Pics missing and being hunted down by webmaster (Dick Hayter's email address deleted)

First we see the 20M Walking Stick Vertical and campsite at Cape Lookout.



Preparing for ferry crossing from Harker's Island to Cape Lookout (3 miles). Left-Joe KD4LLV, Center-Paul AA4XX, Right-Dave N2MLU



Cape Lookout Lighthouse



Cape Lookout "QRP Roundup" - Foreground-Paul AA4XX on 40M cw with OHR QRP Classic, Center-Rob WA3ULH on 20M ssb with QRP +, Background-Howard KE4RUZ