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Knightlite Projects

The KnightLites can't resist group projects, nor the opportunity to propagate the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie while staying in tune with our hobby's roots.

Peruse the history of some of our past ventures, and let us know if you have any new ideas you would like to contribute and champion.

KnightLites Retrodyne
A QRP CW kit radio that goes far beyond the Pixie/SMiTe level
while maintaining conceptual simplicity, easy construction, and low price.
Default configuration is for 80m, 40m version is possible.
Details to follow soon (Spring/Summer 2014).

An 80 meter Surface Mount rendering of the popular Pixie 2 by Sirs Bob (AE4IC), Todd (AG4AY), and Gary (N3GO)

The now famous KnightLites SMiTe kit project is contained within. Unfortunately the kits themselves are SOLD OUT, but the data to build your very own and get some practice in Surface Mount Technology is here.

A keyboard dongle by Sirs Steve (AE4YQ), and Todd (AG4AY) that makes sending perfect code a Knight's delight.

Receiving Loop Antennas
A collection of several Knights' designs

A replica of a WWII spy radio by Bob Kellogg, AE4IC.

KU4AF's 1G6 Twinplex Regen Receiver
Check out Sir John's most recent ham radio sculpture... This is a magnificent specimen of sensory candy for the eyes and ears of all. Check out his photo gallery and schematic carefully. See how quickly you can home in on the details of aesthetic and ergonomic charm as well as the more subtle and equally elegant technical features of this masterpiece. You will soon agree that this is indeed a worthy candidate to inspire a Knightlites art gallery.

A KnightLites hosted group building marathon spearheaded by Sir Todd, (AG4AY).

N3GO's Radio Workshop