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Knightlites QRP Association - Links

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Other QRP Clubs and Organizations

If you find your QRP club isn't listed here, please email our Webmasters, Sir Pierre KA2QPG or Sir Gary N3GO and we will add it to this list.
Adventure Radio
Alaska QRP Club
American QRP Club
Arkansas QRP Club
Austin QRP Club
Australian QRP Club
Az ScQRPions
Benelux QRP Club
Brooklyn QRP Club
Colorado QRP Club
Columbus QRP Club
CW operators' QRP Club

East Penn QRP Club
Flyling Pigs QRP
G-QRP Club
Georgia (NOGA)
Gloucester Area (VA) QRP
Hawaiian QRP Club
I QRP Club (Italian)
Internet QRP Reflector (QRP-ARCI)
KnightLites QRP Association
Michigan QRP Club
MidWest HomeBrewer's & QRP Group

Minnesota QRP Society
New England QRP Club
New Jersey QRP Club
QRP Amateur Radio Club Iinternational
QRP Canada


If you intercept any useful, interesting, or otherwise unusual Amateur Radio related links that were particularly difficult to find while surfing within the Amateur community then alert us to them as well.

Resources for HomeBrewing

Maker Pro provides educational resources for electonic fabrication and microprocessor implementation as well as opportunities for project collaboration.

Resources for Antennas

Ham radio's #1 On-line Antenna Anthology

Special Places for Field Operating

These are obviously North Carolina hotspots! Send us the url to your QRP in-the-field hotspots. We're always looking for new ventures to adventure!

North Carolina Outer Banks!
Cape Lookout - at NC Outer Banks!
NC Outer Banks