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Welcome to the Knightlites'

Round Table Roundup!

Updated 6/3/2014

Our Knights converge every week on 3571.5 KHz CW, Sunday evenings at 9:00 pm (Eastern time). Note that frequency may be changed as necessary to avoid QRM from digital modes now common around this frequency. The Round Table theme casts a medieval ambiance in the global spirit of fellowship and camaraderie.

This is an informal CW rag chew net with a few long winded brass pounders. Many however, simply tap in to say a quick hello. All are graciously welcomed and the NCS operators try hard to match whatever speed makes you comfortable. Since most of the Knights are located in the Mid Atlantic states, other amateurs in the eastern US should be able to work the Net with a modest antenna, such as a low dipole.

Our common passion is QRP, but you are welcome to check in at any power level. Soon you will share our passion, and find yourself checking in at power levels lower than you thought possible, likely with a rig you've been encouraged to build yourself!

The KnightLites Net has been meeting continuously for over 15 years.
We are always happy to hear new callsigns among the checkins; give it a try!

Tune around within 1 KHz of the net frequency
at the listed time and listen for "CQ KLN DE WQ4RP".
(WQ4RP is the club callsign used by the Net Control Station.)