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RetroDyne QRP CW Transceiver


The KnightLites RetroDyne is a new 80m kit radio, inspired by the KnightSMiTe but light-years ahead in features and performance.
It should be available soon; check back here for updates!
Features include:
- varactor tuning across most of the 80m CW subband
- RIT adjustable from lower to upper side of carrier
- SPOT switch option for precise tuning
- full QSK without clicks or pops
- good frequency stability
- speaker-level audio output
- operation from 9 - 16 VDC, works with 9V or 12V battery
- 1-2W RF output power, depending on battery voltage
- small 2" x 3" board for portable use
- no toroids, no trim caps, no alignment required
- affordable! Price target for kit (board & parts) is $20


assembled beta prototype


Updated: June 6, 2014 by KA2QPG