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Loop Antennas

A collection of Knight loops

Sir Gary N3GO's 1-meter loop

Hi Guys; This is a photo of the loop I demo'ed at QRPigOut Last night. It's close, but not quite finished. I have to glue and prune on it some, plus mount the stand on a base to make it stable. Its top heavy as it is now. I'll get some high quality photos of this when its finished, including some close ups of the tuning and Az-El mechanism. I'm also going to see if I can compose a video demo to post on the N3GO Radio Workshop page on our web site, or perhaps on YouTube with a link to it from our site.. It's performance is quite astonishing. It tunes a bit too low right now and needs pruning some too, but I want to do a thorough evaluation as is before I make any final adjustments. Less than 20 bucks in plumbing... including all the extra fittings I bought until I figured out what I actually wanted and needed. LOL! It's a meter on a side, so it took around 130 feet of Litz wire too (10 turns), but I'm expecting to back off to 9 turns when the dust settles. 72 de Gary, N3GO


Sir Bob AE4IC's tunable BCB loop