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KeyLite Keyboard / Memory Keyer


The Keylite is a very flexible little device developed by the Knightlites QRP Association. It is a memory keyer, it is a beacon keyer, it will operate with an IBM keyboard or Paddles. It sends special characters with a single keystroke. Its internal speaker allows code practice or listening to memories without transmitting. The memories can be chained together or used independently. The Keylite makes it easy for any ham to send perfect code.

The kit is easy to assemble and fun to use. The LCD gives the user a clear view of what has been typed, and the buffer allows time to make keyboard corrections before the message is completed. The Beacon Mode and many other features make the Keylite a flexible tool. Its small size allows it to go anywhere. The current draw is minimal, controlled mostly by the keyboard used.

The Knightlites development team, Steve, AE4YQ, and Todd, AG4AY, were assisted by John, WB4OFT, Randy, WJ4P, Gary, N3GO and Bob, AE4IC, in putting the package together.


PDF files:
KeyLite schematic (PDF)
KeyLite silkscreen (PDF)
PCB Top Layer (PDF)
PCB Bottom Layer (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)


Assembled board
Board with display
Side view
Finished KeyLite
PCB top view
PCB bottom view