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Welcome to the KnightLites Round Table Page 2000


Here is the report from the Last night of the Year 2000. Gary sure did his thing here as the scribe extraordinaaire and NCS controller. Thanks Gary for the fun report!

 Greetings Gang;

      Well honor of honors.... How privileged I feel to have served as your
Straight Key Knight NCS for our final net gathering of the millennium...
Yes Sir John... I think perhaps even  I may have gotten it right this time.
Surely, by all recounts, the millennium is finally now behind us... whether
thou counteth from one or from zero.
In 1555, Nostradamus wrote:

Come the millennium, month 12,
In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader.
     Leaves cause for wander what Sir Nostradamus might have prophesized to
come forth from the home of smallest power.... Need I say more?  :-)

     The hour of 2100 came forth upon the spectral sources of the land,
when the peaceful silence was broken by the mighty thunder of "CQ KL Net de
The host of the succeeding cascade of jubilant responses was none other
than yours truly N3GO, Sir Gary in Raleigh, NC. Casting 4 Watts to the
ether, the annual celebration of the end of another year had officially
begun. The marking of an end of an era, was also the beginning of another
that promises to be more prosperous and fulfilling with each exchange.

N4DR       Sir Marc     599   from Rockville, Md.
running a mere 2 Watts to a Dipole with his MFJ  Cub.

AC4QX     Sir Lauren (Red) 599+ from Lake Gaston, NC  running a
QRP KW of 5 Watts with his Ten Tec Delta 2 to a G5RV

KE4QZB  Sir Brian  599   from Charlotte, NC
running 4 Watts from  his EMTECH feeding a Sloper (Our first newcomer of
the evening)
Welcome Sir Brian on your first KL Net visit            (Many Thanks Sir
Red for QNS of Sir Brian's slightly off channel QNI)

N4QA       Sir Bill  599+ from Radford, Va
with a J38 pushing his 5 Watt Missner Signal Shifter to an end fed Full
Wave longwire.
Welcome Sir Bill on your first KL Net visit.

AB4PP    Sir John Paul  from Raleigh, NC
Thought I heard you in there but you must have slipped into a lagoon Sir
JP... Whazzzzzzzup?

N9SDT   Sir Ed  599 from Chicago, Il
running 4 Watts from a Kenwood to a Force Yagi ?
Sir Ed... You posted a 5817 number but didn't disclose what it signifies.
Is this a QRP ARCI number?
Welcome to you also Sir Ed on your first KL Net visit.

KE4KAD   Sir???  599+ from Out There Somewhere.....
Booming signal in Raleigh with your CQ on top of us OM ... Happy New Year!

WJ4P        Sir Randy  599+  from Summerville, SC
running  5 Watts, and methinks I caught him with his toes curled under.
Good Signal Sir Randy.

WB4OFT  Sir John 599+  from Advance, NC
Great on signal but short on words, and back to the family... Glad to hear
ye in here Sir John.

WG4Z        Sir Max   599    from Charlotte, NC
a bodacious 13 Watt Ten Tec Paragon, pumped up by a straight key tethered
via alligator clips.
Bravo Sir Max, and welcome to you too Sir on your first KL Net visit with

N3GO         Sir Gary      NCS  from Raleigh, NC
tipping the scales at 4 Watts to a dipole at 42 feet.
                                         I'll bet others would have stopped
by to QNI had I not cut it short around 2220, but I felt a burning
                              desire to spend the remainder year with my
lovely XYL.... Or was that a burning ear.... :-)

     This was indeed a milestone occasion for myself as well at the
KnightLites. Having our net coincide with straight key night made for an
active and fun experience for all. We welcomed KE4QZB (Sir Brian), N4QS
(Sir Bill), N9SDT (Sir Ed), and WG4Z (Sir Max) as first time participants
in the net, and hope they come back and join us often in the millennium
ahead. Also, everybody was operating with a straight key, so it was a
duplex event for us all. I think I started out in fair shape, but began to
falter quite a bit toward the end of the net. While it was difficult for me
to copy what I was sending, I still managed to copy what I meant. :-)

     God bless you everyone, and may the year ahead bring you great joy and
prosperity. May our paths cross many times... on the air as well as by land
and sea. :-)   Thank you all for making the KnightLites QRP Association a
most rewarding and welcoming non-existent entity in the free world. I still
stagger at how much we have all achieved, and the bonds we've made through
an organization held together only by the spirit and grit of its
participants. It's a paradigm unmatched anywhere, but perhaps in history
amid the fossils of those very first days of wireless preceding the days
even before the word radio was coined. You are truly of special merit among
your peers. I'm proud to be among you, and wish you all the very best in
the years ahead.

72 and Happy New Year my friends.


Gary O'Neil,              N3GO

Here's a report from NCS Bob AE4IC for Sunday December 10th 2000 net


The propagation was pretty good last Sunday night for the net.  Some
of our usual "DX" stations, WB0CLD and K1CL, checked in with fine

Randy, WJ4P, checked in from near Charlston, SC, with 15mW.  I believe
almost everyone who checked in copied him!

Here's the list:

WJ4P    Randy    Charleston, SC    15mW
AA4XX    Paul    Raleigh, NC    75mW
N4HAY    Dick    Morrisville, NC
N4DR    Marc    Rockville, MD    2W
N3GO    Gary    Raleigh, NC    5W
W4GFA    George    Walhalla, SC    5W    (Formerly K4PYM)
WB0CLD    Bill    St. Charles, MO    5W
K1CL    Chuck    Chelmsford, MA    5W    (Reported Gud Cpy WB0CLD)
AB4PP    John Paul, Raleigh, NC    3W    (The birthday boy)
AE4IC    Bob    Greensboro, NC    5W    (your NCS)       



If you are interested in the Knightlites and Amateur Radio contact Dick at    Home