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Welcome to the KnightLites Round Table Page 2001


A report from the March 11th 2001 Roundtable, NCS was Dick N4HAY

Excellent turnout tonight! Condx still good although the season is now moving on. The band now becoming noisier. I operated my K2 from a tent in a cleared forest on AA4XX's farm South of Raleigh  into a dipole ladder fed at 65 feet in the clear. Sir Paul AA4XX was also on site.

AE4IC    Bob Greensboro 599+

AA4XX    Paul Raleigh (guest op!)

WG4Z    MAx    Charlotte    599 Ten tec 2 watts Delta Loop (good to meet you in Charlotte Max!)  

WB4OFT John 599 using new Keylite

N3GO    Gary    599 

WJ4P Randy Charleston SC started at 3mW 229 moved to 40mW  559 

N4DR    Marc Rockville MD, new K2, 589 200mW! Good job MArc.

KE4JZG    Steve, MAtthews NC 5w 569. Super Antenna vertical. 

K1CL Chuck in snowy New England. Also recently  visited the Oxford Radio Society in G Land.




A report from the March 4th 2001 Roundtable, NCS was Randy WJ4P


Light turnout last Sunday night.  I think the weather might
have been a factor...

Heard from N4HAY, AE4IC, and N3GO.  There was
quite a lull for about 15 minutes of no check-ins after
the first one (N4HAY) so I decided to call it a night.

Sir Bob and Sir Gary  made it just under the wire
and then we called it quits...

See y'all in Charlotte!

Randy WJ4P


A report from the February 4th 2001 Roundtable, NCS was Dick N4HAY

Condx were average on 80 meters this evening

WJ4P    Randy    Smite 200mW with a straight key    549

WB4OFT    John    599

AA4XX    Paul    10mW and booming in at 549

AE4IC    Bob    599

WB0CLD    Bill 5w 100ft longwire against a 100ft counterpoise 579

WG4Z    Max in Charlotte 17watts to a dipole 599+

AB4PP    John Paul in Raleigh   NC  589 3 watts into a Carolina beam

K1CL    599 Chelmsford, MA, Chuck using a FT817

N3GO    Gary 599 Apex NC 


A report from Sunday January 28th 2001 Roundtable NCS was Randy WJ4P:-

The weekly KnightLite QRP net was held despite
an interesting (?) Super Bowl.  Here are the results:

AE4IC  Bob, reported on his 160mr contest results
WF4I     Derek checked in with 100mW
AA4XX  Paul checked in using a SMiTe at 200mW
N4HAY  Dick checked in using his SMiTe also
K1CL  Chuck got in just before the net closed.
AB4PP  JP got a "belated QNI" after he nabbed me
a bit later after the net.

The KnightLlites meet at 9pm eastern time Sunday nights
on 3.686.4MHz.  All stations are welcome!

Randy WJ4P

Here is a report from Sunday January 21st 2001 Roundtable

Howdy Gang,

Here are the check-ins for Sunday, 01/21/2001.

N4HAY           Dick    Smite QRPp
WF4I            Derek   300mW
WJ4P            Randy   5W
AA4XX           Paul    40mW
WB0CLD  Bill
WG4Z            Max     New check-in for me.  Please join us again.
N3GO            Gary
AE4IC           Bob
K1CL            Chuck
WB4OFT/NCS      John

See you all next Sunday at 9PM EST on 3.6864MHz.




If you are interested in the Knightlites and Amateur Radio contact Dick at    Home